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Block Board

Ignitor Blockboard is manufactured with imported seasoned planks of Pinewood. The planks are first treated with special preservatives to resist borer, termite and fungi attacks, and then kiln dried at a technical temperature schedule.

Our tough temperature treatment and other control parameters are rare in the industry and helps in getting balanced and straight planks to work with.

ignitor block board plywood flush door
our process

Success comes from process

Ignitor Block Board, is a kind of block board which has consistent density all throughout the edges with a really smooth surface. The Block Board to has no tolerance level on thickness and also enhances its usage in domestic and also commercial requirements keeping all the parameters of top quality, longevity and also reliability intact.

Interiors-Elegant furniture, table top, wardrobe, door panels, wooden partitions.

Exteriors- Stylish furniture, Ship Building, partitions, bank counters.

  • Made from durable high density farm wood veneers.
  • Compressed under high pressure and temperature using phenol formaldehyde resin.
  • Seasoned under controlled temperature and humidity protecting it against all insects, worms and fungus infection.
  • Light with high strength.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Wide range of applications
  • Borer/termite proof.
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our process

thorough process ensures creativity becomes reality


The logs of timber are sliced at first for making the raw of blocks. Strips may be 25 mm.

Step 01

Brief Process

Step 02

Layering Process

Rotary Cutting

For outer layer, logs are cut at rotary cutting. Thus veneer for coating is obtained.

Gluing & Baking

To attach the slices glue or adhesives are used eg. Urea formaldehyde, Phenol formaldehyde which is called plastic resin. Exterior grade block board requires phenol formaldehyde. Gluing is done under high pressure.

Step 03

Heating Process

Step 04

Baking and Pressing

Exposure to Heat

The blocks are dried to reduce the moisture as well as water content left inside blocks. For drying the blocks are kept before the sun. The moisture content is reduced to 10-12%. After proper drying, they are ready for making a sandwich.

Chemical Treatment

Finished Block Board is subjected to proper chemical treatment with water soluble fixed type preservatives under vacuum pressure to ensure protection against wood destroying organisms and to make the product borer/termite proof and fungi free.

Step 05

Chemical Process

Step 06

Process Completed


Final Inspection is done and the product not upto the quality is removed out from the production line to terminate.

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